Mission Trip Guidelines

As a Great Commission Church, OBBC encourages all members to prepare and participate in local, state, North American, and international mission endeavors. The Missions Committee proposes the following guidelines for Mission Team Members for National and International Mission Trips:
  • That the member believes to be called by God to this mission endeavor.
  • That any interested member submits a completed application to the Mission Committee for committee approval., Appendix B1-3.
  • That the member be an active Christian in the life of the church and have a pastor’s recommendation and signature.
  • That the age of the member be 18 years or older. Members under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or adult supervisor. One supervisory adult per three (3) youth under 18 years of age. Supervisory adult must be at least 24 years of age and same gender as youth under his/her care. Member must be at least 16 years of age for international or overseas mission trips and at least 14 years of age for mission trips within the Continental United States. A Parental Permission Form must be completed for the member under 18 years of age and a copy submitted to the Mission Committee.
  • That the member, under the age of 18, must have successfully completed at least one IMPACT or equivalent in order to travel overseas/internationally. A letter of reference is required from an adult who was directly involved with the youth during IMPACT and directly observed his/her level of commitment, individual responsibilities, adherence to guidelines and rules, and can attest tothe youth’s performance. The letter of reference must be from a non-relative.
  • That no member under the age of 16 can be on the roof of a building or operate power tools. Minors under the age of 18 may use power tools under the training and supervision of an adult, 24 years of age or older. Parents/Guardians must so signify this tool use on the Participant Liability Release Form, Appendix B3.
  • That the member participates in orientation and training with other team members before the mission trip. The member should receive training to prepare him/her to be able to share his/her personal faith and the plan of salvation.
  • That the member cooperates fully with the team leader, large group leader, nationals, missionaries and others in a partnership of faith, ministry and unity.
  • That the member is prepared for any physical or cultural requirements of the mission endeavor.
  • That the member participating in a mission trip will grow in stewardship, in faith and in trust of God in the provision of finances.
  • That the church through the mission budget will share up to 50% of the total cost for each member participating in a church sponsored mission trip and will be sensitive to the current financial situation of the church mission budget in determining how much of the total cost will be shared.
  • That the member requesting financial assistance from the church must submit the appropriate form to the Mission Committee for consideration, Appendix A1.
  • That the member will be responsible for the balance of the total cost when requested. All checks should be made payable to Olive Branch Baptist Church with the name of the trip or country posted. No monies should be sent directly to any mission or travel agency, but directed to OBBC who will make all payments.
  • That each member may make other people aware of the purpose of the trip. Any gifts received may be designated to assist any individual member provided it is understood and explained that any such gifts are encouraged to be above their regular tithes. It is suggested that letters also be sent to family and friends outside the church membership who will want to be aware of and pray for the mission project and contribute as the Lord leads. Unsolicited donations are welcome and will be accepted from all sources, including church members and family members.
  • That all planned mission trips should be submitted, in writing, to the Mission Committee with the approval and signature of the Senior Pastor (In the absence of a Senior Pastor, the acting Pastor or Deacon Chair may approve)
  • That staff members of Olive Branch Baptist Church who participate in, or lead, a church sponsored mission trip may have their expenses paid in full. Unless otherwise approved, overseas trips will follow the 50% rule as stated above in item #11.
  • That a non-Olive Branch member who may participate in mission trips will be expected to provide his/her own expenses and encourage his/her church to consider financial support.
  • The Missions Committee shall consider any exceptions to these guidelines on a per case basis.